Roads to Refuge is designed to give students, teachers and the community access to relevant, factual and current information about refugees. Image © UNHCR / E.Dorfman

Who is a refugee

Conflict and persecution force an average 23000 people to flee their homes every day.
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About displacement

Almost half of the world's forcibly displaced people are children. These are their stories. Image © UNHCR/Jared J.Kohler

Settlement challenges for children

People travel to many different countries in the search for refuge. Australia is one of many countries in the world that provides settlement options for people seeking refuge. Image © UNHCR/N.Daoud

Seeking refuge
Myths &

What does it mean to seek asylum?
Who are asylum seekers?
What are people saying in my community?
Is seeking asylum legal?
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Myths and Facts
  • 1. who is
    a refugee

    A refugee is a person who has fled his or her own country and cannot return due to fear of persecution and has been given refugee status.              

  • 2. Refugee

    Refugees flee because it is unsafe to live at home. It may be unsafe because they are being persecuted or they fear persecution as a result of who they are or what they believe.

  • 3. Refugee

    The act of resettlement or being granted asylum does not automatically mean that people will feel ‘settled’ once they arrive in Australia.

  • 4. Refugees in Australia

    Government agencies, non-government organisations and community groups work together to support settlement needs in health, education and other services.

Getting involved

As a school

In general, refugee students have greater educational and support needs than most other newly arrived migrant students.
Getting involved as a school

As a community

Australians are welcoming people from refugee backgrounds into their communities every day. There are many ways...
Getting involved as a community

As an individual

Your role as an individual will be different depending on whether or not you are in contact with people from refugee backgrounds.
Getting involved as an individual


Refugee Council of Australia

The RCOA issues a monthly news bulletin via email. Their website also displays latest news in regards to refugee issues.
Refugee Council of Australia

Initiatives and events

Current initiatives and programs supporting refugee settlement in Australia …
Initiatives and events

UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)

The UNHCR leads and co-ordinates international action to protect refugees and resolves refugee problems worldwide.