Lady painting childrens faces at a community event
Community events can help to recognise the lives of refugees and those who are dedicated to helping them. © UNHCR/ S.Malkawi



Australians are welcoming people from refugee backgrounds into their communities every day. There are many ways that we can get involved in our communities and support a more tolerant approach to refugee settlement in Australia.

  • Support:
    • become involved in a refugee support group where you can meet others and talk about issues facing refugee people in the community
    • attend local and national events in support of refugee people and issues
    • volunteer with organisations such as SPARK, Settlement Services International.
  • Speak out:
    • write to your local Member of Parliament about the issue of concern
    • write opinion letters to local papers about the issues
    • share knowledge of refugee issues with friends and family.
  • Advocacy:
    • join a campaign to support refugee rights by contacting non-government organisations such as Amnesty International Australia or Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders)
    • join the campaign to remove children form detention by taking action recommended by Chilout (send emails, sign a petition, donate funds for the organisation to fund lobbying for policy change).